The Power of Correct Staking

The Power of Correct Staking


“The Power of Correct Staking”


Staking plans we’ve all heard of them right? or maybe not? You may think to yourself why do I want a staking plan I can make my own decisions its easy right and your day may go something like this…

The first selection of the day “Good Thing” an even money shot (2.0) I already know it’s favourite to win, I’ve looked at the form it has a great chance, I have £100 in my pocket the probabilities are high let’s get off to a good start £20 win on the nose, The race is off he is travelling well just needs to get off the rail but the one in front is tiring and he is stuck right behind. He can’t switch to the outside as another challenger is directly alongside and the others are closing fast now on the wide outside, He has to sit and suffer so much horse but no room and then all of a sudden a gap appears he is now in the clear but 3 lengths down he surges to the line but can’t quite get there beaten a head how unlucky was that…”shessh kebab” you think to yourself but never mind you done everything right, you had the right horse that was just unlucky…

Next race “Cracking Chance” a solid 5/2 shot (3.5) Right let’s be sensible £10 win on the nose that’s £35.00 when he wins that’ll be  £20.00 back and a nice £15.00 profit…”Sacre Bleu” another unlucky run stuck on the wrong side of the track won his race easy over there but the 2 on the nearside are 1st and 2nd …..

2 down 3 to go we have an 8/1 shot next “Might be Good” Hmmm how much have I got left £75.00 ok let’s go £10 win this will get my money back and put me £55.00 in front make up for the other 2 which should have won…5 mins later no show out the back of the tv down to the last 2 yak…

Ooh but wait it’s the good thing of the day “Icantlose” running in the 3.30pm 6/4 Fav should be odds on this, right biggest bet of the day £50 win that will not only cover the other 3 losers but make me £40 up on the day not a bad day’s work after all…So they are off she is travelling lovely, jumping like a stag 2 fences to go she is cruising one in front is all out and they are 20 lengths clear of the 3rd  Cracking jump sails into the lead come on girl just pop the last, Noooo Ruby man why did you ask for a big un she’s down I don’t believe this, Only £15 left what a sickener just not my day today..

Only 1 left “Donald’s Donkey” 25/1 shot Crikey this has got more letters and zero’s than I had O levels at school and I wanted to go out for a curry later, Nah I’ll leave it but what if it wins, Oh go on stick £2 on just in case…And here comes Donald’s Donkey yep you guessed he romps home… get in that’s £50 profit on the race I only lost £35.00 on the day phew……

So what’s wrong with this scenario, first off you have 5 selections with no pre-planning of stakes, You have £100 and are basically a victim of your own emotions, reacting to each eventually and not accepting the reality of the situation no matter how unlucky you are, You see this kind of day would play out many times and I should know because this used to be me until I eventually accepted that the only way to make money long term from horse racing was to have a correct staking plan.

So let’s play this scenario out again without the emotion and knowing beforehand exactly what you’re staking would be before any bets where placed…..It’s your first day of using a staking plan you’ve already decided that you have £1000 (can be any amount) you want to use but you want to put into place a staking method that means you will never bust you’re bank during losing runs but will maximise your profits during winning runs and will continue to do so for however long you use it….Sound’s good right? Ok so we decide that our staking will be 1% of whatever our bank currently is, so for £1000 our first stake would be £10.00 regardless of odds and here is how it looks

Race 1) Good Thing – Evs – Stake £10.00 – lost – £10.00 Total £990.00

Race 2) Cracking Chance – 5/2 – Stake £9.90 – lost – £9.90 Total £980.10

Race 3) Might be Good – 8/1 – Stake £9.80 – lost – £9.80 Total £970.30

Race 4) Icantlose – 6/4 – Stake £9.70 – lost – £9.70 – Total £960.60

Race 5) Donald’s Donkey – 25/1 – Stake £9.61 – won – £240.25 – Total £1200.85

Race 6) ———————————— Stake £12.01 ——————————————

I’m sure you’ll agree this scenario is far more favourable than the other and yes of course the 3 shortest odds may have won and the outsiders lost but either way you will be in profit because of correct staking. The great thing about a staking plan like this is that you can never bust your bank as you’re always staking 1% of whatever you have and this is a great feature especially during losing runs. It keeps you disciplined and emotion free for the staking side of this, but as you start hitting winning streaks you’re staking quickly rises in line with your total but always at this 1% rate and if you like to feel the highs of horse racing then there is no better feeling when these double figure odds winners keep popping there heads up every so often and boosting your investment.

We have a “Rags to Riches” strategy that focuses on horses that are 10/1 or bigger with a win SR of 11.68% so if we turn this in reverse that means 88.32% of all bets placed using this strategy lose and the longest losing run is 34, yes that’s right 34 big long losers in a row but incredibly the profits are immense, indeed during testing from the 01/07/2016 to the 31/08/2017 a £100 bank starting with 0.5% win bets at 0.50p grew the bank to over £400 in the first 6 weeks and at the end of testing you would be looking at a mammoth final total of £80,503,030.97. You can view the full testing period with all 1815 selections, with 212 winners at odds between 10/1 and 50/1 right HERE….This is the power of “Correct Staking” not only does it protect your capital and your emotional well- being during losing runs it ramps up your profits and confidence very quickly during winning runs without ever getting ahead of yourself because your always staking at 1% of your working capital.

If you’ve never used a staking plan before then decide today to use one, you can follow our progress weekly in the results section of the blog and can copy exactly what we recommend using a sum of money that is comfortable for you and you will see a huge difference in your profits staking this way….

Hope you enjoyed this insight into staking please leave any comments below and if you want to get involved in our “Rags to Riches” strategy then sign up for a free 14 day trial to our VIP members club and you will receive the selections daily

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