Results Section

Results Section

All VIP member results can be viewed in this section

VIP 5F favs lays – These are certain favorites running in sprint races over 5F as the title suggests and we are against these runners i:e placing lay bets that they won’t win. Proofing for these started on the 14/07/2017 and with a bank of £1000 and looking to win 2% of the rolling total there have been 228 selections with 158 winners at  a 69.30% win strike rate and a profit of £271.65 (as of 31/08/2018) click here for the full results.

VIP 5f favs lays since 01/01/2012

This is the full history of results since we started this strategy back in 2012 starting with £1000 each year and looking to win 2% on each selection the yearly totals are 2012 +£1822.44, 2013 +£5275.29, 2014 +£2941.38, 2015 +£1919.84, 2016 +£4686.92, 2017  +£1537.13. If we continued with the original £1000 from 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2017 the total would be a mammoth +£2,838,061.45 showing what a good staking plan can do! for detailed results click here

Best bet of the Day – This is the strongest selection on each day and using our advised £10 staking plan there have been 238 selections with 68 winners 28.57% win SR and a profit of £503.99, click here for full results (as of 31/08/2018)

VIP Rags to Riches – These are well named as usually we are backing at big odds, Every selection is an EW bet at 10/1 minimum odds. There has been 687 selections with 45 winners and a further 114 places 6.55% win SR, 23.14% place SR and again using our staking plan method a loss of -£219.41 was incurred, click here for full results (as of 31/08/2018)

VIP Members Selections – There has been 1832 selections with 415 winners 22.65% win SR and again using the advised staking plan a profit was made of £3,058.17, click here for full results. (as of 31/08/2018)

97% Formula Selections – There has been 1728 selections with 1681 wins at 97.28% win SR and using the advised staking plan a profit of £932.68 was made click here for full results (as of 31/08/2018)

97% Formula since 01/01/2012 – Here you will find details of the first 250 selection results and the most recent 250 since the start of 2012 where a starting bank of £1,000 is now up to £64,429.92 (as of 03/09/2017) all from staking to win 0.25% of the rolling total. You will see the stakes and the compounding of the profits as well as the losers when they do appear, click here for the results

Big Race Fund – Starting with the Cheltenham Festival in 2018 these are our big race selections separate from the VIP main selections using long term criteria. There have been a total of 74 selections and 8 winners at a 10.81% win SR and an overall profit of £312.88 to our staking plan click here for full results (as of 31/08/2018)

Portfolio Running Total +£4,859.96 (as of 31/08/2018)

486% profit in the first year (01/09/2017 -31/08/2018)

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