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We have three different membership levels on our website:

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VIP Members are monthly subscribers and have access to everything that’s detailed below. Please Note: All content is available in the blog section of the website

Daily Members can gain access to the VIP members posts / selections for £2.00 per day on any days of their choosing.

Registered Members are anyone that has registered to the site, just by registering you’ll be given access to our free daily blog selections

Introductory Offer

For the near future we have an introductory offer that you can have locked in for life as our way of saying thank you for being with us at the start of a profitable journey together. Not only that, but if you sign up within the introductory period (ongoing) we will lock you in to the £20.00 per month cost for life! (Your free to cancel at any time) Alternatively you can access the VIP blogs / selections on a daily basis that suits you for £2.00 per day!

What do I get?

1. A free 14 day trial before paying anything to see what’s on offer and the potential profits you will make (VIP Monthly Subscribers Only)

2. Once you’re a full fee paying member you will have access which includes full details of our 97% formula that actually does win on average since testing started in 2012 – 97.19%. A great and simple strategy that has turned £1000 to £64,429.92 in 5 years 8 months. (Vip Monthly Subscribers Only)

3. Daily selections for all of our strategies including a backing strategy that finds double figure winners 10/1 +

4. A laying strategy that says in certain races the favourite won’t win this is running at a 70% + strike rate and selections will be provided for you daily.

5. You will receive 5 to 10 main selections per day which has made 290% growth in the first year.

6. You will receive our daily best bet of the day selection which is the strongest qualifier on the VIP blog for that day, This strategy alone will see your investment rise considerably (please see results section for the updated totals and every selection advised on the blog)

7. We have an open forum where you can request what you would like us to investigate or discussed in the realms of horse racing.

8. All of our strategies have been highly tested and have an ongoing monitoring system using our unique “traffic light” method which keeps our edge in place and ahead of the game.

9. All of our strategies are underpinned by the horses DNA before introducing any other factors so you will be confident in the knowledge that the selection has proven ancestry history under the day’s prevailing conditions.

10. Each strategy comes with its own performance manifesto which includes the ”warts and all” showing you the best and worst runs and the best staking plan for each one to maximise profits and limit the inevitable losing runs.

11. All results are recorded daily and published weekly (usually on a Sunday) and can be can be viewed in full in the blog section

12. Our friendly and helpful customer service team will answer any concerns or queries you may have and you can get in touch by email at

13. Our whole ethos is to provide you with an excellent service with excellent ongoing results to give you the best horse racing experience we can, We strive for excellence and will work towards that for you everyday and as the site evolves we want you there with us from the beginning so you can maximise the benefits and we will reward you for your loyalty.

Just to Clarify

So just to clarify as a VIP Monthly Subscriber you will have a free 14 day trial, followed by a monthly payment of £20.00. If you sign up within the introductory period (ongoing) from the launch of the business we will lock you in to the fixed £20.00 per month for life and have access to all of our daily selection strategies as well as a copy of the 97% formula with the option to cancel at any time. All content can be viewed in the blog section (If you do cancel then want to return at a later date you will revert to normal fees for each strategy) 

This is the perfect time to join us at an incredibly reduced rate and we know you will be delighted with the service and selections and of course the profits (over 400% in our first year) but for any reason your not happy and want to cancel then your free to do so and keep the 97% formula as a thank you for trying us. So go ahead pop in your details below and be ready for success

Excellence awaits!

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