Free Members Post 17/05/2018

Free Members Post 17/05/2018

Good Morning

Well we did find a winner yesterday and it was Bint Dandy 10/1 holding off a strong S D Sousza drive to give us a decent winner on the day, There was also a 2nd at 11/4, a 3rd at 7/2 and a 4th at 5/1 with our outside play at York Visitant 40/1 not getting involved on the far rail. For VIP’s it was another great day with two winners at 5/2 & 16/1 but what made it great was that the 16/1 was a qualifier for not only the main selections but also our best bet of the day and a rags to riches qualifier so a triple payout for the portfolio very nice indeed! The 5/2 winner was a sole selection for the newly launched “Stallion Bible” which I believe will change the way punters and professionals will ever look at a horse race again. More details below……

The Stallion Bible – In a nutshell is “a collection of every horse that won or placed in 2017 on UK flat / turf (Not Ireland) shown within their sires performance and put in specific groups for easy and efficient reference for 2018″ and includes

30 individual tracks / courses  broken down by distance and going

All distance and going combinations combined from 5f to 2m 5.5f

An example for both groups would be – We are interested in the performance of the sire “Tagula” who has a horse running today over 7f on Good to Firm going at Brighton. We check the guide for Brighton and can see the sire has a 1 run, 1 win, 1 place record over 7f Gd to Fm but as this is a small snapshot we also check the 7f Good to Firm guide for all tracks which reads 11 runs, 5 wins, 9 places showing that our potential selection will be well suited by today’s conditions.

All Race Classes from 1 – 6 including Group performers 1 – 3 and all listed runners

Using our example for Tagula above today at Brighton is a class 5 event so we check the class 5  reference for the sire which reads 54 runs, 10 wins, 18 places reinforcing the suitability of today’s conditions.

 The next group is based on Male or Female or should I say Colt, Gelding, Filly etc..

One particular Sire’s Colt’s had 182 runners, 46, winners 98 places 25.27% win SR 53.85% place SR.

The next group is a full list of all runners for each sire

One sire that has a perfect 4 runners, 4 wins, 4 places record and at the other end of the spectrum 3 sires that have a combined record of 154 runs, 0 wins, 19 places.

The final 3 groups are the best and worst performing sires in terms of Most Profit to SP (Starting Price) Most Profit to BFSP (Betfair Starting Price) & Lay BFSP

There were 97 profitable sires to SP with one little known sire making a profit of £78.50 to a £1 stake or how about the top 2 sires to BFSP making a combined £1,226.26 to a £2 stake or how about laying, there was 404 sires that would have been profitable laying all their runners and 223 sires that never managed one win between them!

All in all this is a goldmine of information that can seriously help with your choosing or final analysis of a horse race with a detailed comparison of performance against key factors. With a total of 436 pages and 17,860 entries for all key factors easily accessible within that particular group Whether you’re a backer or a layer or both the information inside gives you a huge edge against the normal punter and an insider view of whether a horse is value or not based on its odds and sire performance and a must have for any professional within the business.

I have shown this to like minded professionals including trainers, stud farms and even TV pundits and all have priced this up between £250 and £500 and one contact thought I should not sell this at all as its too valuable! but my whole aim is to earn my customers and clients money and that will always sit at the forefront of the business and if I had the opportunity to have this information 20 years ago I would have quite happily have paid £500 but at the same time I do not want to charge these kind of figures to my loyal customers so here is how I see it. As a subscriber you can download and own a copy of the “Stallion Bible” today for £37.00.

That’s right £37.00 I have thought long and hard about this and I want to reward your loyalty with a vastly reduced rate which will not only fill that missing blank in form study but will give you proven ready made profitable strategy’s that you can start using today. The only thing I ask in return is that you can give some feedback on how much this has helped you in your betting / investing and what else you would like to see in any future issues if anything. You can purchase and download a copy straight from the shop section of the website or if you copy and paste the link below straight into your browser this will take you directly to the purchase page. (Ps If you sign up today for a 14 day free trial as a VIP member you will automatically have the opportunity to purchase the Stallion Bible at an incredible £29.00 saving you more than 20% on the already heavily discounted price but please act today as I can only allow the first 100 sales before this is removed),uk/product/the-stallion-bible/


On to today and we have 5 more selections so lets see what we can win today!


(All odds quoted are best odds guaranteed)

Salisbury 2.10 – High Horse 15/8 (Betfair Sportsbook & Paddypower)

C Cox 5 runs, 2 wins, 4 places – Dark Angel 83 runs, 15 wins, 34 places

Salisbury 3.15 – Rock Eagle 5/4 (Most books)

R Beckett 7 runs, 1 win, 2 places – Teofilio 53 runs, 11 wins, 7 places

Perth 3.05 – Instingtive 7/1 (Most books)

L Harrison 20 runs, 4 wins, 6 places – Scorpionl 5 runs, 2 wins, 3 places

Salisbury 4.55 – Garcon Du Soleil 9/1 (4 books)

M Blanshard 7 runs, 2 wins, 3 places – Danehill Dancer 39 runs, 5 wins, 10 places

Newmarket 6.20 – The Chemist 8/1 (Bet365)

R Varian 3 runs, 2 wins, 2 places – Dutch Art 74 runs, 10 wins, 18 places




That’s all for today

Cheers Steve




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