About Us

What is Racing Excellence?

A collection of profitable strategies (portfolio) given out as selections on a daily basis that will build any starting bank into long term growth. Our portfolio have at least doubled a starting bank every year since we started testing back in 2012 and our first year since launching on the 01/09/2017 has seen the bank more than quadruple. (A full list of every selection and detailed results can be found in the results section within the blog section of the website)

The whole ethos of this site is to enjoy our racing but ultimately it’s about the bottom line and profit. This is not quick flash in the pan profits but long term growth based on tried and tested strategies which include our unique “traffic light” system that enables us to monitor the performance of each strategy effectively and optimise when necessary to keep strike rates and profits consistent and high.

Each strategy comes with its own performance manifesto that details the “warts and all” which includes the longest winning runs and losing runs so you know exactly what can happen when you set off on your personal journey. This is backed up by an appropriate staking plan for that given strategy which maximises growth and limits any inevitable losing runs…but ultimately delivers what we all want and set out to achieve long term profits.

Whatever your level of experience there is something here for everyone and the site will continue to develop and grow on a daily basis. This is taking racing and betting or as I like to call it investing to a whole new level and you’re here at the start for what is going to be a shift in perspective where beliefs will change, and our community will change the way everyone involved approaches their betting again.

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Come and join our community, you can interact with anything race related which includes quality free content and glimpses of what we offer in our members packages.

Members Area

Whether you’re a backer or a layer, a mixture of both, or you like shorter odds with high strike rates or you like the big payouts with larger odds and don’t mind the inevitable losing runs in-between there is something here for everyone, and where we differ from the rest all our strategies are underpinned by the horses DNA before introducing any other factors, So you will be confident in the knowledge that the selection has proven ancestry history under the day’s prevailing conditions. All our systems are continually tested using our unique “traffic light” monitoring method which allows us to latch on quickly to the next successful batch or strand. A strategy that is set in stone will never work long term and just as the betting markets are fluid and ever changing so is the methods and strategies that we employ to have that ongoing edge and all round profits for our community.

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Pricing & Introductory Offer

You can access our daily selections by one of two ways, The cheapest and best long term option is a monthly payment of £20.00 or if you prefer you can choose which days suit best and pay just £2.00 for each day you would like the advice. Either way is a small investment on the returns you will receive and our first live year has seen more than 400% profit on starting bank and continues to grow.

The Stallion Bible

The Stallion Bible – In a nutshell is “a collection of every horse that won or placed in 2017 shown within their sires performance and put in specific groups for easy and efficient reference for 2018” and includes:

  1. 30 individual tracks / courses  broken down by distance and going
  2. All distance and going combinations combined from 5f to 2m 5.5f
  3. All Race Classes from 1 – 6 including Group performers 1 – 3 and all listed runners
  4. The next group is based on Male or Female or should I say Colt, Gelding, Filly etc..
  5. The next group is a full list of all runners for each sire
  6. The final 3 groups are the best and worst performing sires in terms of Most Profit to SP (Starting Price) Most Profit to BFSP (Betfair Starting Price) & Lay BFSP

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